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Asteri is a region rife with rich history as well as a growing future. Each city can be wildly different from the last, each has its own unique charm.

1Navi Town – Navi Town is a small city in the hills of northwest Asteri. In the olden days, this is where Pokemon Trainers received a Pokedex and started their journey across the Asteri Region. The Pokemon League Accreditation test is held here, so in many ways it is still the place where all Pokemon Trainers begin their journey. The Regionally funded Asteri Laboratory is here, and there are many farms and ranches here. The Ranger Training Academy is located a short distance outside of town.

2Zosma City – Zosma City is the oldest city in all of the Asteri region. It is the Political Center of the Asteri region, and the seat of the Asteri Rangers, and of the Ranger General. Though the downtown is quite busy with the bustle of politics, most of the city is affluent and quiet. The Nuveri Family Heir, Zoe Nuveri, hosts frequent privately funded competitions in her private estate here, and The NovaLab Research Center is located here, where most of the regions Pokeballs, TMs, and HMs are crafted. It’s also the site of the Pokemon Global Link, where trainers can trade their pokemon.

3Gallus City – Gallus City is a large and industrious place, with much to see. Perhaps its most famous feature is the Gallus City University, one of the most highly regarded Pokemon universities in the world, and the hosts the region’s Smart Contests. The Wildlife Preservation Institute, which conducts research on wild pokemon all over the world, is also located only a few miles outside of the city, near The Pools of Rana, a protected wildlife reserve. It’s a very active college town, with many clubs, restaurants, and attractions.

4Talitha City – The largest city in the region, Talitha City certainly has the most impressive skyline. It’s a hub of technology and business, and a very fast paced place. The city is known throughout the region for its street life: Street Food, Street Jam Contests, and sadly, also for illegal underground fighting rings, though the police are working hard at stamping these out. The world-famous Nuveri Concert Hall is here, which is host not only to musicians, but the region’s Cute Contests as well. The region’s largest amusement park, the Old Wharf Park, is located here. It’s also home to the region’s Battle Tower.e

5Lake Corona – This small town is most famous for one thing: The Asteri Regional Championships. Every year, thousands of people flock here to see trainers from all over the world fight for the title of Asteri Champion. The rest of the time though, it’s a relatively quiet town, with many lake-side resorts and cabins.

6Deneb Town – This tiny town, perpetually chilly town in the Cygnus Mountains is an old fashioned and quiet place. The Cygnus Monastery is nearby, and in ancient times many came to seek the council of the sages here. It has a few old fashioned inns and resorts, but otherwise is probably of no interest to outsiders.

7Lyra City – The second largest city in the region, Lyra City is a beautiful place known for its emphasis on the arts. It is the host of the region’s Super Contests, and the Star Bay Conference, where top Coordinators from all over the world compete for the title of Star Bay Champion. Lyra City has pristine, beautiful beaches, and its climate is mild and sunny almost all year round despite being so far north. The Asteri Artist’s Guild is here, as well as the Lyra City Pokemon Musical. The Star Bay Market is an odd and lively place, where wares from all over the world may be found for purchase – but not for very long!

8Fomalhaut Town – Formerly, Fomalhaut was only a research station near the Canopus Forest, but in the last ten years has grown tremendously. It’s a quiet town, and the majority of the residents have sort of connection to the Fomalhaut Medicinal Laboratory. The Fomalhaut Concert Hall is host to the region’s Beauty Contests.

9Lepus Town – Lepus Town is a small, out of the way port town, that mostly makes its living through fishing. It’s the home to some old historic sea-side castles, created centuries ago by explorers. Lepus Town is much livelier than it used to be however, at least part of the year, as it is host to the city’s Pokeathlon and Tough Contests, both helds in the Eastern Fields Arena.

10Atria Town – Atria Town is very new, created partly as a place for those who evacuated Scheddi City 15 years ago, and partly by several wealthy philanthropists. Atria is pristine and beautiful, and its beaches rival those of Lyra City – and many say surpass. Atria Town’s Nuveri Concert Hall managed to make itself the host of the region’s Cool Contests.

11Ophiuchus Town – This tiny, mild town is generally a quiet foggy place. For some reason, technology has never worked very well here, and many of its inhabitants still live very rustic lifestyles. Few people outside of Asteri are likely to have heard of Ophiuchus Town until half a decade ago, when Eliah Mistral, the son of an Ophiuchus fisherman, became the Asteri Champion, and continued to hold the title to this day.

12Errai Town – Errai Town is the newest town in all of the Asteri Region. Like Atria Town, Errai Town was founded partly as a place to put those that were displaced by the calamity in Scheddi City. Unlike Atria Town, Errai was not so lucky in attracting funding. It’s a cold, windy, rainy place, in the northern reaches of Asteri, and close to the Zosma Fjord.

Cites of Asteri

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