Gym Clubs


1Zosma CityHeralds of Old Imperia – The Heralds of Old Imperia specialize in Dragon-Type Pokemon, their strategies are otherwise varied and flexible. Led by Azelea Nuveri, they are one of the most formidable clubs in the league.

2Gallus CityThe Blade Folk – Led by eccentric célébrité Slasher Lash, The Blade Folk are a hugely unpopular Club, due to their tendency to play the villains, including antagonizing other clubs, trainers, and hitting their own Pokemon during battle. Nevertheless, they are strong fighters and one of the wealthier clubs.

3Talitha CityCable Street Alliance – Led by Lightning Stevens, an Air Adept, the Cable Street Alliance is known for their flashy style, and the use of cybernetic implants in their Pokemon. Their strategy seems to be to flood the arena with electric attacks.

4Lake CoronaKnights of Skyhold – Known for their impressive speed and power, the Knights of Skyhold all ride flying Pokemon, attacking mercilessly from their saddles. Each of their member’s specific strategies differ wildly beyond this single point, however.

5Lyra CityThe Summersmoke Collective – The largest club by far, The Summersmoke Collective is always a league wild card, which tend to either win seemingly against all odds, or fail spectacularly. They’re known for coming up with strange and overly complicated strategies, and never using the same one twice.

6Fomalhaut TownThe Writer’s Guild – Though all members claim to be poets, playwrights, or writers, at first sight they more closely resemble toughened Martial Artists. They’re known for their nearly unstoppable resilience, inscrutable powers, and for their use of their Pokemon – Unown – as weapons rather than combatants.

7Deneb TownSummit’s Call – One of the newest clubs, the Summit’s Call’s strategies are still mostly unknown, though the trainers seem to focus on Mysticism.

8Atria TownThe Wrecking Krew – Led by the head foreman who worked on the construction of Atria Town, this club is known for their impressive facilities, built with various surprising gimmicks. They also use ample use of the terrain of the battlegrounds they fight in, usually filling them with traps and other annoyances.

9Lepus TownFormerly the Hand of Canute – Led by reformed Cultist Arnold Pigsley, better known as Brother Keymaster, the Hand of Canute delved deep into strange and powerful magic. It was quite obvious they tended to ham it up during matches for performances – and it worked, too. Former team leader Arnold Pigsley has gone on record as saying “The fates have other things in mind for the Hand of Canute. We leave the floor open for the next generation.” The team as a whole retired at once. This season another team new to the Circuit was formed.

10Errai Town – That’s you doofs!

Gym Clubs

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