Places of Interest

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1Pools of Rana – The Pools of Rana is a rocky, estuarine salt marsh that serves as a wildlife preserve. Catching pokemon here is strictly illegal most of the time – but all trainers with a pokedex are allowed to catch exactly one Pokemon from the preserve using special balls.

2Ruins of Scheddi City – Scheddi City was, 50 years ago, the largest city in Asteri, the site of the Pokemon League, and a bustling Industrial center. Then the calamity struck. Only a few people know what really happened that day, and it seems they’ve decided to keep it to themselves. But nearly all of the city was destroyed. Slowly, they rebuilt, and though bleak, Scheddi City lived on. Until 15 years ago, when a criminal organization made the ruins their base. Scheddi was once again destroyed in the ensuing chaos, and was not rebuilt. A lone hermit woman still maintains the Scheddi City Gym among the ruins, however!

3Lake Corona – The vast and pristine Lake Corona is a popular tourist destination. It has soft, sandy beaches, and many underwater caves for those brave enough to go exploring.

4Den of Flames – The Den of Flames is a peculiar formation. It’s a long tunnel, deep in the bedrock of Asteri. Access to the den is limited, but there are many rare pokemon to be found here. The two main openings are near Lyra City and Deneb Town.

5Canopus Forest – The Canopus Forest is thick and vibrant, and overflowing with plant life and pokemon. There’s many medicinal herbs to be found here, but it’s easy to get lost, as even well-worn paths quickly become overgrown.

6The Wastes – Surrounding the ruins of Yildun on all sides are the Wastes. It’s a vast, desolate landscape. It’s dry and cold here all year, and powerful windstorms rage constantly, sometimes becoming dreaded dust storms. However, rare pokemon are to be found here by the persistent and the lucky.

7The Ruins of Yildun – The Yildun Civilization were an ancient people who seem to have harnessed strange technology that almost seems like magic. There’s a few lonely researchers here, studying its secrets, but generally the place is best avoided.

8The Fogs – The thick, constant fogs in the forests and marshes west and north of Ophiuchus Town are a thing of legend. No one knows why there’s always a fog – it certainly makes no sense meteorological sense. Technology seems to become unpredictable here, so its easy to get lost when traveling through the marshes. Many people have gone in, and never been seen again.

9Lumine Mountain – The tallest peak in all of Asteri, good luck is said to come to all of those to make the journey to the peak by foot. However, it’s a long and dangerous journey, as the pokemon around the peak are quite strong, but few who have made it all the way have been said to regret it.

10The Cygnus Mountains – The Northern Range of the Cygnus Mountain is constantly snowy and icy, and prone to avalanches. More trainers have been lost to this treacherous path than anywhere else, and as such now trainers are required by law to go in groups of 5 or more, and must have an experienced guide. The journey is said to be quite beautiful, and the Cygnus Glacier is said to be a sight to behold.

Places of Interest

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