In the olden days, anyone could catch pokemon, and use them to fight. These “Trainers” would travel the land, proving their worth at pokemon gyms in each city, before competing with trainers from all around the world in the championships.

A lot has changed since those days. In the Asteri region, catching and battling pokemon is outlawed to the general public – much in the same vein as street brawls tend to be outlawed. The Title of “Trainer” is held only by those that have earned their Battling License! That’s not to say public opinion has lost interest in the sport of pokemon battling – quite the opposite! Pokemon competitions of all sorts – Battling, Contests, Pokeathlons – are immensely popular, and all pokemon trainers competing in the circuit are at least minor celebrities. Pokemon “Battle Clubs”, essentially organized sport teams, fight each other in full-interference matches in what is the region’s most popular league.

Asteri Circuit is a game about a team of trainers that have come together to form a new Pokemon League Club! They must work together to put their Battle Club on the Map, so to speak, and to rise to the top of the Asteri Circuit in competitive pokemon battling, interference matches, contests, and pokeathlons! But of course – there can only be one Championship winner at the year’s end.

The life of a Pokemon Trainer sounds glamorous, but like everything, has a darker side: becoming an influential club irrevocably means being drawn into Asteri politics, and contending with criminals, cultists, and last but not least – unhinged fans.


Asteri is a full Stratocracy, and as such is led politically by the Asteri Rangers.
The Pokemon League – both Gyms and Battle Clubs – have close ties to the rangers, and still hold some political power and influence, though not nearly as much as it did 15 years ago. While many within the league are happy with its current place, many are unhappy with the power the rangers hold.

While the criminal organization Team Astra was disbanded 15 years ago, two competing groups have sprung up in its place. The first, Vincere Tenebras, is a wealthy and highly organized group known more commonly as “The Family”.

The second is a more loosely organized and highly fragmented group, known as the Sleepers. Though rumors about them, and the strange new drugs they peddle, have begun to circulate, not much is known about them.

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