Claire Holmsvard

The Young Knight with a Magical Gift


HP: 46

Class: Elementalist (Ice) / Telepath

HP: 10
Attack: 11
Defense: 6
Special Attack: 11
Special Defense: 7
Speed: 10

Physical Evasion: 1
Special Evasion: 1
Speed Evasion: 2

Movement: 5
High Jump: 0
Long Jump: 1
Power: 4


Claire Holmsvard
Wild Mage

Claire is the sixteen-year-old daughter of the prosperous and prevalent Holmsvard family. She was born into a life that should have been teeming with wealth, privilege, and the fame of being one of the illustrious Holmsvards. Until her powers manifested. The childhood that should have been spent in peaceful, maddening joy was instead a parade of doctors, frauds, and so called “experts” trying, and failing, to solve the problem of her uniqueness.
The mansion was under constant threat of flood and rain from her unharnessed gifts, she couldn’t stop the voices of all those around her, even silences were unbearable for the whispering of inner thoughts. And her parents while loving, didn’t understand how their scion could be so cursed. After several failed attempts to heal her, they had another daughter. A perfect daughter. And while they loved Claire, she couldn’t blame them for shifting all of their hopes and dreams onto Riina.
For years after that, Claire was alone, with a gift she didn’t understand and couldn’t control. So she buried herself in books. She fell in love with fantasy novels. Their tales of swords and sorcery, or magic and myth and legend sang in her mind. She imagined her skills not as a curse, but as the touch of magic in her life.
Then, in one fell swoop, her life changed. Her parents returned home one day with a small bundle and a tall, handsome man walking behind. Inside the bundle, was a tiny pichu they had found in the city. The man behind them was Tero Vuorien, an ex-ranger and the new Holmsvard Gentleman, who claimed that he could help the troubled Claire. Over the next years Tero taught Claire to harness her abilities and anything else she desired. She learned the basics of swordplay like the knights in her novels and the art of music with a bow and violin. She and Riina grew close and bonded tightly over watching the matches of the Pokemon League, when Claire could hold on to her power for hours at a time, their parents even took them to see the Knights of Skyhold do battle. It was in that moment, that Claire knew where she would belong, where she could become more than a screw-up, a mistake, an error. She knew where she could make a name for herself.
It took years, but another change swept across Claire’s life. In the space of a week her sister was promised to an ignorant, idiotic, brash, heartless, soulless fool, her Master, who had taught her so much, disappeared with only a few parting words, “I have been called, Claire, and I must answer.” and Claire did the only thing she felt she could… She ran. Telling only Felicia and taking little but her weapon, her instrument, her books, and her chu, she fled the Holmsvard house in a storm of her own making.

Claire Holmsvard

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